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Current Students


  • Pei Luo, PhD, July 2017 (current job - Intel Labs, CA)
  • Liwei Zhang, PhD, Statistics, co-advised with Prof. Ding, Apr. 2017 (current job - Staples, MA)
  • Yu Han, PhD, June 2016 (current job - Akamai Corp. Cambridge, MA)
  • Bingnan Jiang, PhD, Aug. 2015 (Current job - Operations Research Scientist, Pacific Metrics Corporation, Colorado)
  • Juan Carlos Martinez Santos, PhD, July 2013 (current job - Associate Professor, ECE, Universidad Tecnologica de Bolivar, Colombia)
  • Mansour Shafaei Moghaddam (PhD candidate, 2012-2014)
  • Jian Lao, PhD candidate, 2012-2013 (Current job - Hermes MicroVision Inc., CA)
  • Tiansi Hu, MS, Sept. 2012 (Current job - Cadence, CA)
  • Dr. Qiasi Luo, PostDoc fellow, Sept. 2010 - Dec. 2011 (current job – Marvell Tech. Group Ltd., CA)
  • Hai Lin, PhD, May 2011 (current job – AMD, Tx)
  • Xuan Guan, PhD, May 2011 (current job – Assistant Professor, San Jose State University, CA)
  • Chulwoo Park (PhD candidate 2006-2007, now Navy officer in South Korea)
  • Neel Shah (BS/MS'2015, now with Intel)
  • Kshitij Raj Lohani (BS'2015)
  • Ang Shen (BS'2014, now MS student at Northwestern University)
  • Claude J. Manville (BS'2010, now PhD candidate in UConn)
  • Jeff Wroten (BS'2006, REU advisee, first job: Harris Corporation, Maryland)
  • Kolawole Ladoja (BS'2007, REU advisee REU program)

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