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  • MRI: Development of Northeastern University Marine Observatory NETwork (NU MONET) - supported by NSF MRI: NU MONET grant
  • MRI: Development of a Testbed for Side-channel Analysis and Security Evaluation - TeSCASE - supported by NSF MRI: TeSCASE grant
  • TWC: Medium: Collaborative: A Unified Statistics-Based Framework for Side-Channel Attack Analysis and Security Evaluation of Cryptosystems - supported by NSF SaTC grant
  • Architectural support for security enhancement - supported by NSF CAREER award, Department of Education GAANN (Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need) Fellowships (available for US citizens and Permanent Residents only)
  • Energy-efficient application-specific instruction set processor (ASIPs) synthesis - supported by NSF CCF grant
  • Underwater sensor networks - Internal seed grant, NSF CRI/MRI, and ONR grant
  • Side-channel attacks and countermeasures (side-channel workstation) – UConn Intermediate Research Equipment Competition 2011 Award
  • Mobile computing systems - UConn faculty large grant
  • High performance and low power computer architecture - UConn ECE start-up grant
  • Embedded system hardware/software co-synthesis - UConn ECE start-up grant

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